About Us

    Xiamen Forturn Fishing net Co.,Ltd,Xiamen Fortune Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd.Founded in 1994,the registered capital is RMB30000,000,have the area of 45000 square meters in factory .Our company is located in the beautiful special economic city-XIAMEN.Which is a professional fishing produce company, including research and development,produce,processing,packing,sale .
      Our company mainly produce and sale:1.Nylon fishing line(high,medium,general grade),Grass trimmer line,Rope line,Tuna fishing line,Braided rope,Special line.2.High strength polyethylene braided wire 3. Nylon fishing net 4.Nylon(polyester) fishing net with knot, Nylon(polyester) fishing net without knot   5.Nylon(polyester) line with spool paking or hank packing 6.Ultra high strength polyethylece rope(six braid,eight braid,twelve braid,sixteen braid)7.Complete specifications of PE rope and PP rope.Other productions are:Hock,Cear,False bait,Floating ball,Marine lamps,Life jacket,Fish finder .including mainly  fishing tackle.
       We have focused in producing fishing tackle for twenty years,so our products sell well all over the world,have won a good reputation from all customers around the world and we  foster many professional  and technical personnel,Configuration is complete advanced production equipment,With many independent leading technology and international well-known brand,so we can provide more high quality and complete varieties of fishing.
       Warmly welcome new and old customers to visit our company .


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